Sunday, 24 May 2009

Making money with the HubPage Challenge

It's two weeks since I started the Hubpage challenge, and the hub creation is going slowly. Have only made 8 hubs as part of this challenge and will therefore need to make another 22 hubs in the next two weeks. I have been trying to build some backlinks though, through a commenting strategy (where I anchor my link in the comment to a keyword), but it's slow going.

What I've found is that when I get a surge in traffic from Yahoo, the likelihood of a click on the Adsense increases. I don't know why. Perhaps the people who use Yahoo are simply more trusting of ads than Google users. It does mean that I need to think about how I can get more Yahoo traffic.

The other thing to note is that I submitted one hub to Reddit, and while I got only a small amount of traffic from Reddit, it sparked a load of search traffic from Google, Yahoo and even Ask. Clearly submission to these social bookmarking sites right at the beginning does help the hub get indexed in various search engines. It's important not to spam Reddit though, which is why I've only done this for one hub. I might try a different bookmarking site for each of the other hubs (Mixx, etc).

Total money made so far from the Hub Challenge hubs in the last two weeks: $3.52

Here are the hubs I have made so far for this Challenge:

How to repair your credit score
How to settle credit card debt
Guide to peer-to-peer lending
All about Argentinian wine
How to make money online fast
How to find the best mortgage
What to do if you are in negative equity
How to remortgage

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  1. Hey! I hope this goes well for you. It seems so far that it is though, I have found in my short time on Hubpages that each hub makes approximately $1 per month to start off with (apart from my crazy session) and it seems like you are on target for that, if not ahead of the target so well done. I read somewhere that Yahoo users are potentially more likely to click, although the ones most likely to click are AOL users. Whether this is true I don't know, although I have found that with Hubpages it is easier to rank higher in these search engines than in Google.