Sunday, 17 April 2011

Day 30 - Conclusion of article marketing challenge

On the 18th of March, I threw up a new blogspot, Tassimo Coffee Machines, and then sent an article through the Article Ranks system to backlink it.

I only sent one article through the system, because I didn't want multiple articles published on the same blogs. When I retrieved the urls of the published artiocles, I bookmarked them thoroughly to ensure that they stayed indexed.

Here's the stats so far:

As you can see from the graphic, Article Ranks has published my article 53 times so far. They drip feed the articles out at 2-3 a day, and as I set the article to "unlimited" they will continue publishing the article till they run out of blogs in that category (typically it takes them 60 days to run out - so they'll be publishing for another month or so).

How has this affected my rankings in the SERPs (click the graphic below to enlarge)?

According to Ranktracker, I'm still not in the top 100 for my main keywords, but the long tails are looking good - have reached #15 for Bosch tassimo T65.

What about traffic (click the image below to enlarge)?

Despite the fact that the blogspot consists of only four pages (plus privacy policy), so there is not much scope for long-tails, I am getting steady traffic from G and Ask (none yet from Bing or Yahoo).

All in all, am pretty happy with the results of this challenge. The only real work was writing my original article with an extremely high level of spin (see this page for information on how to spin). The rest of it was on autopilot - Article Ranks drip fed the articles out. When I got my Google alert that the article had been published, I bookmarked it with imautomator (again, I just filled a short blurb for each article, and they bookmarked each at the rate of one a day for 15 days) Imautomator is a free service.

I haven't had any sales yet, but I have had people clicking through to my Amazon account.

The whole cost was time plus $2 for the Article Ranks article (you can either have a PAYG account at $2 per article submitted, or purchase a monthly unlimited account for $39.99 per month).

I think this conclusively proves that Panda did not affect article marketing. Instead I believe Panda was a way to score on-page factors. If you set up your main site right, then the article backlinks sent in will help not hurt.


  1. Wow Rose, thats really impressive.
    Not just that you took this challenge on, but that you were so productive with the link building and indexing etc.
    I tried Article Ranks via fiverr where I pais someone to spin and submit my article for me.
    The $2 per article, does that include spinning?
    If so I got ripped $3 LOL
    Think I may give it a go then - seems to work

  2. Alex - the $2 was to submit the article into their system. I did the spinning myself, manually.

    To be honest, I think I had good results mainly because I retrieved the article URLs and bookmarked them, which helped them stay indexed.

    What I find with ALL article networks, the articles get published and indexed - and then deindexed a month or two later if you don't bookmark them to make it stick.