Sunday, 31 May 2009

Building backlinks with a commenting strategy

I have been trying to build backlinks to my hubpages with a commenting strategy - I seek out blogs in the same niche as the hubpage I am promoting, and then leave a comment, using a keyword as my "name" and my hub URL as the link. It's time consuming and laborious, and no doubt the professionals will be shaking their head at the time I'm wasting.

Anyway, I was checking on a backlink checker to see how I'd done, and delving deeper into the links that Google had recognised, I discovered to my joy that someone had taken a comment I had written and had written an entire blog post around it - and best of all, when they referred to me and my comment, they used my keyword and URL! So my commenting got me a proper backlink in a relevant blogpost on a good blog, and it came about naturally.

If you are using a commenting strategy it's worth writing interesting and valuable comments that add to the discussion you are joining. After all you don't want to just "use" someone's blog for a backlink, you want to add something of value to their site too. And occasionally you will trigger something in someone's brain and inspire them to write a whole post around what you said.

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