Sunday, 22 March 2009

Update on progress

OK. It's two weeks since I started on my project, and I have set up three hubpages - here are the links for those who wish to look at them :-)

- How to cure a cold
- The Wives of Nicolas Sarkozy
- Do it yourself debt management

The Wives of Nicolas Sarkozy was a minor hit on Reddit (678 hits from them), and all the hubs are starting to get a trickle of hits from the search engines. In particular, the Do it youself debt management hub is getting hits from Google UK, which is the targetted audience.

So far so good on the creating hubs and getting some traffic front.

However Kontera has been disappointing. Some of the ads they place are irrelevant - for instance they placed dating ads on the Wives of Sarkozy hub, when people reading that page would be more interested in celebrities and politics. Naturally, people arn't really clicking on the ads. I don't know whether things will improve or not. Will give it till the 31st of this month before I decide. Everyone seems to think Adsense is a better match to hubpages (especially as they roll over any amount you make each month, instead of forfeiting it like Kontera). However, Adsense operates a "smart-pricing" formula, so you really need to build the traffic up before placing Adsense on the hub - and they like search traffic above all.

So my plan for the rest of this month is to continue to build hubs and promote them to get the desired search engine traffic. I will evaluate the advertising at the end of the month to decide whether to continue with Kontera or not.

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