Monday, 16 March 2009

Kontera continued

I've just discovered that Kontera require you to make a minimum of $5 a month with them, or they won't roll over the money (i.e. you lose your month's earnings if you are under that).

Not sure what I think about that to be honest! It's a bit harsh. Another thing - Hubpages only display your ad 60% of the time (the other 40% they display their own ad ID), plus they don't display them to those signed into Hubpages, so internal traffic is useless. And Kontera block the ads when the IP address of the visitor to the page is from certain countries. So you need a lot of page impressions before you get any clicks.

Still, as this is supposed to be a proper experiment to see if Kontera works, I am determined to try for at least a month to see if I can meet their conditions. That means building more hubpages and promoting them like anything. Perhaps these kinds of conditions are the sort of kick up the backside needed to get people to take making money online seriously instead of flitting from project to project never making much from anything.

Making decent hubpages takes a lot of work - don't be fooled by those who say they can be knocked out in an hour or two - it takes much longer, especially if you are researching your topic to make sure you've left nothing out, not to mention time spent thinking of ideas for hubs in the first place. This is most definitely not money for nothing! I should be able to report in a month's time whether it pays off with Kontera. If nor, I shall simply remove Kontera and put Adsense on the hubs.

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