Wednesday, 3 February 2010

End of January report

Well traffic for January was 16988, a mere 3% rise on December's traffic. I guess that's partly because some of the Christmas traffic on certain sites has dropped off, but also partly because for the first two weeks of the month I didn't really achieve much.

Have decided to step things up this month. I am still mainly building Squidoo lenses (because it is easier to put affiliate links on them for physical products), and still adding content to my two authority blogs (which are going great guns). I also couldn't resist doing a Hubpage called Buy the Apple iPad, mainly because I was able to nab the URL and I thought it would be a shame not to make use of it.

This month I shall be doing an audit of my sites and going through them one by one to see if I can add additional info that will bring in some long tail traffic and to see if I can build some backlinks. I ahve a hunch that "old" info on hubs et al is only OK if there is no competition in the niche. If there is competition, the most current stuff has the edge. Anyway, I shall be testing this theory out - if I'm right, just updating and adding info should get me more traffic. We shall see.

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