Tuesday, 7 July 2009

What to do about hubpages which have had no ad clicks

I was going through my Adsense stats and discovered that only 48% of my hubs had made some money (however small). 52% of the hubs I've made have produced nothing at all.

The question is what to do about the non-performing hubs. Should I just shrug, write them off and move on, or should I try to tweak them to see if they can be made to produce income? My inclination is to tweak, since I've invested time already in making the hubs.

Checking in the forums, the more established hubbers report that they've made some money from all their hubs i.e. over time all perform, especially if tweaked to improve traffic.

One cause of non-performance is that there is simply no traffic to the hubs, so no one can view the ads. So the first thing I did was to ask if the hub was still indexed. Hubpages are a strong domain, and new hubs usually get indexed straight away. However, if they haven't been promoted or somehow attracted attention from searchers, they drop out. I checked whether my hubs were indexed simply by dropping the entire URL for the hub concerned into the search engine.

I found that I had six hubs not indexed, and of these, four had a hubscore of less than 70 and two had a hubscore of over 70 but were in highly competitive niches. As explained in my previous post about hubpages internal linking, it's my opinion that hubs with higher scores are "helped" along by the Hubpages site because they start to get featured on strong internal list pages. Of course the high hubscores depend on traffic, so it's kind of a chicken and egg situation.

Here's what I intend to do:

a) Add content to these hubs in the hope that when the googlebot passes through it will give the hubs a new look due to fresh content.

b) Look again at the tags on the hubs, and perhaps add some to ensure that the hubs feature on strong internal hub tagging pages.

c) Build some backlinks to these hubs.

I will report later as to whether this strategy has worked.

P.S. Have added the hubpages widget to my site in the hopes that it brings more traffic. To do this, simply go to your hub profile and click the "get widget" link on the right hand side, and paste in the javascript into your blog template.

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