Sunday, 14 June 2009

More on Diversifying Income

As mentioned before, am anxious to try out more than one method of earning online, just in case something goes wrong with an income channel.

On the platform front, I have had success with Hubpages. I have abandoned Google Knols because their ad placement is so poor it's unlikely anyone would ever click on one (see here for the post about my Knol experiment). I have also opened an account with Squidoo, and have produced my first Squidoo lens - Guide to Hubpages. Squidoo lenses don't seem to get indexed as fast as Hubpages. I had to submit my lens to a social bookmarking site to get the search engines to pay it attention.

It's too soon to say whether Squidoo will work out - will update later on this. From chat in the Squidoo forums, most of the successful lensmasters make money through affiliate earnings. Squidoo lens are very flexible as long as you know basic HTML. You can add whatever links you want in the text capsules, and add banners in the "big picture" capsules. I don't think javascript works in Squidoo lenses, but any affiliate links based on HTML will.

On the advertising front, I've had success with Adsense, have abandoned Kontera because it's useless, and am experimenting with Adbrite on this blog. Am not too sure what I make of Adbrite to be honest. They haven't yet served up decent ads - maybe it depends on the blog generating sufficient traffic. We'll see. I think I need to give it a couple of months before I decide it's not worth it.

In the meanwhile, I have decided that I really need to push on and make more Hubpages, as that so far is the only thing that has brought in money.

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